Jizzy Pearl's three books re-issued in softcover! Finally!


Jizzy Pearl's three books re-issued in softcover! Finally! 

    Fans and Friends have asked me for years "When are you going to put your books out in softcover?" Well It's time! We're starting with a LIMITED RUN of my first book "I GOT MORE CRICKETS THAN FRIENDS" to be followed up by my next two books- "ANGST FOR THE MEMORIES" and "UNHAPPY ENDINGS."

I'm very excited to re-issue my past three books but EVEN MORE EXCITING is that I've been busy WRITING MY FOURTH BOOK!! Yes I'm putting Pen to Paper once again and busily writing my fourth book--to be published sometime later in the year. 

What are my books about? They are short stories, Life on the Sunset Strip written by someone who was really there and can tell the Good, the Bad & the Ugly in graphic detail! Also there are short stories of Fiction and Dark Humor, fans of Black Mirror will love it! Stories of Wine Women & Song--humor in the tradition of a Charles Bukowski or a Henry Rollins--short stories for short attention spans!

All my books on this limited run will be personally signed and numbered by me--More to come on this site, T-shirts, music, music videos. But for now there is "I GOT MORE CRICKETS THAN FRIENDS" my first published book!

Check it out!